Hello, I’m Allison

I’m So Glad You’re Here!

I’m a Chicago-based registered dietitian and integrative nutritionist with a personal as well as professional passion for integrative & functional nutrition. It’s a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to health and wellness. Functional nutrition aims to evaluate the whole person to identify imbalances, illuminate the root causes of dysfunction, and use targeted treatment interventions to restore wellness.

I partner with clients who are ready to take ownership of their health and wellness and do the work necessary to create change, balance and optimal function within their body.

My Background

My professional path has shadowed my personal life ever since I began to struggle with my own debilitating, chronic symptoms. After going through the full workup, including endoscopies, lab work, scans, and being told everything is “normal”, I was frustrated and tired of feeling miserable. So I became my first own first client, diving into the LEAP protocol to uncover the root cause of my GI issues.

I used to believe that eating a well-balanced diet was enough, but now, I know that’s not always true. Every person is different, and sometimes your body doesn’t process food and nutrients like it should. Integrative and functional nutrition helped me identify my food sensitivities and heal my gut. And, now I have the pleasure of helping my clients do the same.

I know how it feels to spend each day feeling unwell and not really living. I am thrilled to share my knowledge, expertise and experience with you if you’re ready to recover from dysfunction and reach the state of wellness you deserve.

Education + Credentials

  • B.S. Human Nutrition – University of Illinois at Chicago
  • B.S. Public Health Education – Indiana University
  • Registered Dietitian – Commission on Dietetic Registration
  • Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist – Illinois & Texas
  • Certified LEAP Therapist – Oxford Biomedical Technologies
  • Advanced study in Integrative Functional Medical Nutrition 
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I bet you didn’t know…

mountain icon
Being active out in nature calms my mind & replenishes my spirit. I’m a Chicago girl, but grew up taking ski trips out West. There is honestly no place I’d rather be in this world than carving up the side of a mountain with my two teenage boys.
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I love playing games, from card games like euchre to word games such as Scrabble. I enjoy the camara- derie of gathering with family & friends, and a little (playful) competition never hurt anyone.

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I am crazy about animals. We have two pets at home — our dog, Indy and cat Frankie. But I fantasize about being able to foster animals in another life. I want to save them all!

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As a self-proclaimed foodie, I love dining out and cooking (I’m the resident sous chef & pastry chef). My favorite dessert? It’s definitely a tie between yellow cake (with chocolate frosting) and strawberry- rhubarb pie.

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